Staats, Mensch Hold News Conference Announcing $350,000 in State Grants for Quakertown Borough Skate Park Project
HARRISBURG – Rep. Craig Staats (R-145) and Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) held a news conference on Jan. 3, at Quakertown Borough’s Council Chambers to highlight two state grants that were awarded to Quakertown to rehabilitate Quakertown Action Park.

The Quakertown Action Park is a local initiative to transform the 8.7-acre Main Street Park and the skate park into a state-of-the-art recreation and training facility for the community.

Quakertown Borough was awarded a $100,000 grant through the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Fund, which is administered by the Commonwealth Finance Authority, to assist with Phase 2 construction of an Action Sports/Skate Park. Quakertown Borough was also awarded a $250,000 grant by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Community Conservation Partnership Program Grant. This funding will allow for the renovation of the skate park, construction of a parking area, ADA access, landscaping, and other related site improvements.

“This project is the direct result of unwavering community dedication and involvement on many levels,” said Mensch. “It is going to be a tremendous asset to the community, especially the younger generation, and I am honored to have been able to support this project. I look forward to the start of the project and its completion along with the rest of the community.”

“I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Quakertown Skate Park and this exciting renovation project,” said Staats. “The skate park project will enable our community to continue to provide our children with an excellent outlet for physical fitness, mental sharpness, agility and growth through skill development, socialization and healthy competition.”

The news conference was led by Ryan Sevenski, Parks and Recreation coordinator, from Quakertown Borough Parks and Recreation. The Rev. Dave Kratz, who chairs the Quakertown Action Park Committee and is executive director of Free Fall Action Sports, highlighted the importance and benefit of the park and the community involvement leading up to the news conference. Several students from the Quakertown Action Park Committee jointed Kratz at the podium. Eric McIntyre and Braxton Johnson spoke on behalf of the students and they were joined at the podium by Aaron Brezner, Logan Brezner, Mark Krenzel, Adam Leatherman and Ryan Woodman.

Mensch and Staats praised the community for joining together and taking the initiative to provide a safe recreational outlet for young people to use. Scott McElree, borough manager and chief of police from Quakertown Borough, provided praising remarks alongside Quakertown Borough Council Member Doug Propst and Quakertown Borough Councilman-elect Dave Wilsey.

In addition, Rachelle Bergey provided brief remarks on behalf of the Marcho Family, Bergey’s Auto Dealerships and Hatfield Quality Meats. The three local businesses contributed funding toward the Quakertown Action Park Project.

Lorne Possinger, Recreation and Conservation manager from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, was also in attendance.

Representative Craig Staats
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