Apr. 22, 2022

HARRISBURG – Klover SEPA, Inc. of Richland Township has acquired Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RCAP) funding for manufacturing expansion, Rep. Craig Staats (R-Bucks) announced. 

“Klover SEPA, Inc. has been vital in expanding our community by building new, state-of-the-art properties,” Staats said. “This funding will not only expand project possibilities but will create a number of jobs for our community.” 

The $2 million in funding will be used to construct a crane-served industrial land condominium, fully air conditioned with an energy efficient air rotation system. 

“This is well-deserved funding for a company that demonstrates commitment to our businesses, community members and economy,” Staats said.

RCAP funds are used to acquire and construct regional improvement projects. The funding is authorized through a Capital Budget Itemization Act. Projects must have a regional impact, generate increased employment, or maintain current level, and boost other economic measures.

Representative Craig Staats
145th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Rene Morrow
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