Jun. 14, 2024

HARRISBURG – Rep. Craig Staats (R-Bucks) today announced that the Robin A. Staff farm, a 120-acre horse farm in Springfield Township, has received an investment of $1,212,200 from Pennsylvania and Bucks County after selling development rights to preserve the farmland and protect it from any future development. 

“This is fantastic news for residents of Upper Bucks and the 145th District,” said Staats. “One hundred and twenty acres of wonderful farmland will now be preserved forever instead of potentially developed. It makes sure the Robin A. Staff farm will remain a productive farm and will never be sold to developers.”

Of the $1,212,200 used to purchase the development rights, $1,062,556 came from the state of Pennsylvania and $149,644 came from Bucks County. This is part of a $9.8 million investment from the state to ensure Pennsylvania farmers have the resources they need to continue supporting families, communities and their jobs. 

Representative Craig Staats
145th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Joe Szymanski
RepStaats.com / Facebook.com/RepStaats